Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 8, 2014

The “Haunted House”

While driving around town today, I passed the county fairgrounds. Each year, one of the buildings at the fairgrounds is turned into a “Haunted House”. We used to take our children there when they were small. My own children are now grown and gone, but the memories of those visits are fresh in my mind.

Most of the folks who work there are teenagers, who enter into their roles with much enthusiasm. The Haunted House is full of magic, make-up, and costumes. It is theater. It is entertainment. It is creativity in action.

The sign outside the fairgrounds proclaims that the Haunted House will open this coming weekend. For a few short weeks, it will be the epicenter of the cultural life in this town. Teens still work there – many of whom I know. I listen to their excitement as they discuss their roles, the props they use, and the reactions they evoke from their audiences. It is the same excitement that I felt when I first encountered theater all those decades ago.

We think of Samhain as being a time to honor our ancestors. It is that, but it is something else as well. The veil thins not only between us and the next world, but also between our present and our past. Everything about this season touches our memories – the colors, the smells, the feel of the freshening wind, the moon in Her glory, and the decorations and events in the greater community. We can touch the child we were, and we can recognize ourselves in the children and teens excited by this season. We connect with others by connecting with ourselves.

I will not attend this year’s Haunted House. I will not need to do so. It will be easy enough to slip back in time when I stood in line with two very excited little girls, overwhelmed by the lights, the sounds, and the magic. Instead, I will dress in my own costume, walk onto the Temple grounds, and dance my joy to the Goddess.

How magical – how truly magical – this season is!



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