Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 6, 2014

The Beauty of Gaia.

October is truly a beautiful month. The fall flowers are colorful, the leaves of the trees are changing color, and even the clouds in the sky are a variety of colors. It is only appropriate that so many homeowners in our area go all out decorating their properties for Samhain (or Halloween, if you prefer).

Today was a Goddess Day. I try to dedicate at least one day a week totally to the Goddess. One of the ways, for example, that I care for the earth is to recycle. We do not have curb side recycling here. Rather, the township has placed 6 large dumpsters behind one of the firehouses where we can bring our bottles and cans to recycle. They also have another 6 dumpsters that are dedicated to paper and cardboard recycling. The bottle recycling dumpsters are emptied once a week, while the cardboard dumpsters are on a different schedule. Today, I made two trips to the recycling place. My garage is decidedly emptier. I hope the Goddess was pleased.

The drive was pleasant for I was able to see some of the decorated homes for the first time. Ghosties and goblins and giant spiderwebs were decorously draped over some houses. A few places had turned their front yards into cemeteries. There was the occasional witch and one very handsome (?) Frankenstein. Perhaps my favorite of all, though, was just down the street from the Temple of Gaia.

This particular house has a gravel driveway, which is flanked on both sides by two large sugar maple trees. Each of these trees has been decorated with a sheaf of cornstalks. The stalks are golden brown and very tall.  8-12 cornstalks stand in front of each tree, held in place by what looks like clothesline. Four pumpkins flank each tree, two on each side of the stalks. The bright orange of the pumpkins attracts the driver’s eye. Only then does the driver see the cornstalks standing under the green leaves of the maples. In a day or so, those leaves will turn a bright yellow. The golden brown, yellow, and orange are a beautiful palate. The house does look like something that should be painted.

The winds blowing across Lake Erie are bringing massive rainclouds with them. In winter, we have lake effect snow, but lake effect rain rules at this time of year. The colors of the clouds range from deepest gray to palest blue. If there is to be rain, we are hoping that it comes at the beginning of the week, for the final outdoor garage sale of the season is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I do not know what the wind chill temperature was today, but it was definitely lower that the 52 degree F. that was recorded.

Someday soon, I shall have to take an evening drive to see the lighted decorations around us. Every house will look different at night, even though the decorations are visible in the daytime. Still, it is wise to start early to do the nighttime viewing drive. That way, it will be a pleasure to see as additional houses gear up for the Samhain season.

I hope you took some time today to appreciate the generous beauty of Gaia.


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