Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 3, 2014

One Down, One to Go

For the last several years, I have given a talk entitled Herbs of Halloween to various groups in the greater community. Churches, Senior Citizen Centers, and Community Centers have all been venues for this talk. By far, however, the largest number of groups I speak to are the Garden Clubs. This makes perfect sense. The gardeners are interested in the plants and also are attuned to the changing of the seasons.

Tonight, I gave the first of two talks that I have scheduled for this month. This group was fun as there were two men in attendance. Usually, the garden clubs are almost exclusively women. I am always surprised at how often I have to catch myself before referring to the group as “Ladies”. “Dearies” works just as well for the speech, but I am not used to it, and so I am always concerned that I have inadvertently omitted the men from the group. However, the men tonight seemed to enjoy the program.

One of my pleasures is that I can dress in my normal witch garb. and I am always greeted with delight. This would not happen around here at any other time of year. When the program chairpersons call to set up the talks, I invariably say to them, “I’ll be the one dressed like a witch.” There is usually initial surprise, followed by an enthusiastic response.

Tonight, the garden club was having their business meeting first. The program chair asked me to come later, and I complied with that request. There were several cars in the parking lot when I arrived, but no people were around. I had my car almost completely unpacked before a woman walked out of the building. She saw me, and a happy smile crossed her face. “You must be our speaker,” she said shyly. “We were told you would be dressed like a witch.” What a warm greeting! It really took the edge off my nerves.

We had a good time. There was laughter, some questions, a picture for their archives (“You’ll be famous! You will be part of our history!”), and anecdotes about vacations and holiday food.  One of the men had a real belly laugh at the thought of me flying around on my broomstick, catching thermals to stay aloft. (I am not sure why. That’s the way gliders work. Why not brooms?) Several ladies stopped by to say they had learned a lot. One stood in front of me and said, “I just love story tellers! And you even dressed the part!”

It is such a small thing to bring so much pleasure to a group of people.  I hope you have the chance to share joy with others this holiday season, too.

One talk down, one to go. This is going to be a wonderful holiday season.



  1. I want to see a photo!

    • Oh, Sandy, I’m sorry. They didn’t give me one, and my cell phone is so old that it doesn’t have a camera function. Maybe the next talk….

  2. I’ll be waiting.

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