Posted by: nightmistwalker | March 22, 2014

Ostara’s Aftermath

This winter was difficult in many ways. Bitter cold and successive winter storms pummeled the area. The local school district lost 10 days to snow and cold, and probably should have lost two more. Road crews and utility men worked constantly in vicious weather battling the icy conditions and power outages. The Temple of Gaia was blessed with only two extensive power outages. We honored Gaia and Her strength and glory.

The neighbor suffered a roof collapse of its livestock pen. The goats and chickens were rescued and moved elsewhere. Slowly, they have been rebuilding, and yesterday the first chicken visited its new home.

The winter took its toll on the creek. Massive blocks of ice scraped the creek bank, eroding enough dirt from the neighbor’s property that the creek bed has doubled in width. There is now a bend in the creek starting at the Temple’s grounds where there was only a straight bank in the past. The meditation chair has been swept away, and the meditation area will be gone in the next years. Conversely. the ground on the other side of the creek is building up. Such is the way Gaia touched Her land.

However, while winter has changed the physical structures of our landscape, the spring cycle has begun in familiar ways. Spring bird songs fill the air. The light has increased, and the temperatures are slowly beginning to climb. The winter-shriveled leaves of the azaleas have reopened to the full smooth leaves of spring. Buds are swelling on the trees. Maple sugaring began a few weeks ago.

We will probably have a few more snows. We have had blizzards in the past that occur even in April. Winter has not relinquished us, but its grip is weakening. We will take the few spring-promising days that come to us to begin to clean up the grounds and to search for the signs of Gaia’s awakening. The air is cold, but the smell is of earth.

We have survived. Ostara has arrived.

Blessed Be.


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