Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 25, 2013

First Snow (Day 25 of 31)

Last evening, the rain started with a thunder boomer, then settled down to a steady shower. As the temperature dropped, however, the rain turned to sleet. By about 2:30 am, when I ventured out onto the back porch, I heard a distinct crunch coming from under my feet.

Upon getting up this morning, I discovered that our area had made the national weather news. The Weather Channel had some beautiful photos of the 5 inches of snow that had fallen about 10 miles south of the Temple of Gaia. We did not have accumulation, thanks to our proximity to Lake Erie. The slush continued to fall, though, until early this afternoon. This may be October, but winter has touched us with its icy finger.

I would love to include photos of our October winter, but I am very close to being a Luddite, and I have completely forgotten how to do that. (I am sure I will be hearing from at least one daughter about that last sentence. Thank you, dear.) I am seriously thinking, though, of adopting my dad’s approach to learning the computer. He would sit down with one of his granddaughters, ask them how to do something, and write each step in a small notebook, which he kept in his desk. He managed to accomplish quite a lot in the 13 years he used a computer. If it worked for him, I should try it, also.

Dad had been a math teacher, but he was well retired when the computer technology became accessible to the general public. He lived his life for many years without experiencing a computer, but finally met one up close and personal at our house. Dad was 80 at the time. He sat at the desk while the girls showed him lots of things at a very high rate of speed. They finally set him up with a card game, and scampered off to do their homework. Dad sat there for a very long time, barely touching the keyboard. I eventually asked him if he needed help. He turned to look at me, and, for the first time in my life, I saw a look of absolute fear on his face. “I’m afraid I’ll break it,” he whispered. I assured him that he could not break it just by playing solitaire.

An hour or so later, he had played several card games, and his look had changed. “It’s just a machine,” he said, and the man who flew airplanes had taken the conquering of the computer as a personal challenge. My parents went home the next week, and he had purchased his own computer by the end of the following week. The next month, he took a course at his local community college, setting an age record for the course.

Dad reminded me of Voltaire, who began the study of ancient Greek at the age of 80. Someone asked him why in the world he was learning a difficult language like Greek at such an advanced age. “I did not have time before,” was his answer. Keep your brain active, my friends. You do not know what you will be able to accomplish.

And so, during this period of Mercury retrograde, I pledge that I will finally learn how to post photos on the blog. I cannot rely on my daughter forever. But the little notebook that Dad used is an old technology called into the service of the new technology. Then, perhaps, I will be able to share with you photos of the first snow at the Temple of Gaia.

Be careful driving!



  1. Oh I hope so! I LOVE photos (as you know). And it’s not that hard, really. having someone show you, writing the steps down and then — the same way you get to Carnegie Hall — practice man practice. Good luck to you.

    • LOL! Ahhh, practice. The piano teacher’s favorite word.

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