Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 18, 2013

Driving in the Velvet Night (Day 18 of 31)

On the way home tonight, I gave my attention primarily to the traffic and the wet roads. The rain had stopped, but the driving was still a bit iffy. It wasn’t until I stopped for gas that I got a good look at the sky.

The clouds were breaking up, and clumps of stars were beginning to appear. The night had taken on a soft, velvet quality. There was a subtle shift in the atmosphere, and I headed for home with a pleasant combination of anticipation and peace.

Turning off the highway, I saw the first residence with Samhain lights. This neighborhood decorates extensively for Samhain, which is odd, because they decorate minimally for Yule. Still, it is the beginning of the Season of Lights, and tonight the lights are orange.

Additional houses had touches of Samhain decorations. Some had their porch lights on, which allowed folks to see their non-electric decorations from the road. Others had a few orange candles and/or lanterns in the windows. Just a few streets away, though, I saw the first fully decorated property.

The house was outlined in orange lights. The porch and some trees had lights, also. Tucked in various locations around the lawn were scarecrows, corn stalks and, of course, pumpkins. As I drove past the orange glow, I felt a genuine shiver of joy.

The further out in the country I drove, the more lights appeared. Perhaps it is the absence of street lights that encourages people to light their properties. Not all houses were decorated yet, but by next week, we will be in full Samhain garb.

And, yes, I waved at the neighbor’s ghosts as I drove past.

The Temple of Gaia is not decorated for the holiday, which seems odd for a pagan. I tend to rely on the natural garb of Gaia to set the tone, and I have not yet purchased the pumpkin that will glow happily at the front entrance. This evening, though, I was greeted at the door by my new friend, the black cat Jackson. Jackson, as it turns out, may actually reside next door, but, if he does, he shows a decided inclination to move into the Temple. There was lots of meowing and rubbing against my legs, and he made a determined effort to come into the house with me. The next door neighbor thinks he is hers, though, and so I am being strong and not letting him inside. Besides, the 4 feline priestesses would have strong negative opinions about another cat moving in, even if it would only be temporary. So poor charming Jackson has to stay outside. I hope she brings him in soon, though, for he is a lovely black cat and Samhain is approaching.

So, in this velvet night, the orange lights glow and the black cat stretches and purrs. I breath in the rain washed air and wave at the ghosts across the street. Samhain is coming. Time to work on a spell.


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