Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 6, 2013

Samhain Season (Day 6 of 31)

Although I have not yet finished with my thoughts on Mt. Rainier/Zeus, I felt I had to take a day to honor the beginning of the Samhain season. It doesn’t quite feel like autumn here, but the visual signals are unmistakable.

Driving through the country, I can see on the horizon the palate of the trees changing color. First there was a leaf or two, then a sudden tree exploding in color in front of all the green. Occasionally, I pass a farm stand or garden center. Piles of pumpkins line the driveways while pots of opening chrysanthemums line the shelves and border the doorways. A few houses have decorated for the holiday. They will be joined by many more, for this holiday is decorated heavily in this area.

As I pass through the small towns, I begin to notice the signs. Craft shows are held on the weekends, and advertisements for haunted houses abound. Stores selling Halloween costumes appear. Restaurants, and even banks, display decorations of the season. Groceries run their promotions on candy and pumpkin pie.

In Salem, Massachusetts, a parade kicks off the Samhain season. I was fortunate enough a few years ago to see the parade in all its glory. Everyone, including spectators, showed up in costume. The entire community turns out. October is the busiest tourist month for Salem, and the vast majority of the adults (both participants and onlookers) will be busy until November. But for now, this is the festive time for Salem residents.

This afternoon, I visited the farm of a friend. We sat on folding chairs in the doorway of the barn, looking over 50+ acres of Rolling Ohio hillsides. We talked quietly, while the gentle October rain fell on the hayfield in front of us. The trees in the distance were predominately green, though shades of autumn colors gently touched their leaves. Soon enough the air will become crisp, and the leaves will turn a vibrant gold, red and purple. Peace surrounded us.

As you walk the path of Samhain, filled with activities, busy with crafts, scented with spices and pumpkins, colorful as the autumn leaves. take a few moments occasionally to breathe in the peace of the season. Talk to your children about your ancestors, meditate in whatever form you choose, walk Gaia’s lovely paths, and open yourself to the voice of the Goddess. Be at peace. Blessed be.



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful afternoon with your friend. I love fall.

    • I love fall, too. But mostly I like talking and sharing with old friends, no matter the season or weather. Have a great day!

  2. Happy autumn, and happy Halloween!

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