Posted by: nightmistwalker | June 8, 2013

Memories of Salem Harbor

June 7

While it is good to be home again, I find myself thinking back to certain images of this past week. This time, some of the strongest memories are the times I spent with my daughter (and granddaughter) along the edge of Salem Harbor.

Saturday night was a star filled evening. Ty and I walked from Pickering Wharf to the bottom of her street along the edge of the water. It was a quiet evening. Boats bobbed gently at their moorings, while small waves lapped quietly at the edge of the harbor. We sat on a bench at the edge of the water and gazed for a long time at the sky. In addition to the stars, moving lights appeared periodically as airplanes made their final approach to Logan Airport over our heads. The day had been warm, but the cool breeze off the water relaxed and rejuvenated us.

June 28

Two days later, we took the baby down to the water.  Ty sat with her child on her lap, and we watched the ducks, sea gulls and sparrows fly in and out on their personal business. Farther out in the harbor, a mother duck led her 6 ducklings on a swim. Perhaps it was their movement that drew our eyes to the horizon, but our sight moved even farther when Ty began to speak.

“This is Salem Harbor,” Ty said to her baby, who was actively eating her skirt. “This water is the harbor, and that water out there is the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic connects to the Antarctic, which connects to the Pacific Ocean. On the other side, the Atlantic washes up to Europe and Africa and then goes into the Indian Ocean and once again the Pacific.  This water goes all around the world. You, too, can go anywhere in the world. And it all begins in Salem Harbor.”

The sense of wonder was unmistakeable.  The magick of the moment was strong. Everything is interconnected.  Wherever our starting points are, we can find the connections we need by following our individual paths.  I found great peace in the thought of my grandchild’s journey beginning here at Salem Harbor.

June 8

May your journeys be filled with light and love. Blessed Be.


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