Posted by: nightmistwalker | October 8, 2012

October Arrives

The temperature dropped 20 degrees this weekend. The rains and wind arrived, sending the feline priestesses into snuggling into hiding places for daylong naps. It smells like October.

From the computer window, I can see at least 7 distinct shades of green. The sugar maple across the creek is beginning to show a bright, glowing yellow.  Late wild asters are dotting the Temple grounds, looking just a little raggedy as they sway in the wind. There is no frost yet, but one can feel it edging closer.
The summer birds are gone. The blue jays and cardinals are becoming more visible in the landscape. Soon the chickadees will arrive in the azalea bushes, peeking in the windows at me, and providing maddening entertainment for the feline priestesses. The urge to make soup is growing in me.

October is upon us. Autumn has arrived. The moon is waning. Night grows longer. Pull together into community. Our candles flicker, and we must dance while we still share this path with each other.


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