Posted by: nightmistwalker | September 3, 2012

Home, Once More

Labor Day, the last unofficial day of summer, has been spent with HFPs Patches and I traversing New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The remnants of Hurricane Isaac accompanied us through Philadelphia, but sunshine reigned once we reached Pittsburgh. It was a good trip, but one I hope not to repeat until November.

There were a few touches of autumn. A single maple leaf blew across the PA Turnpike as we were approaching Blue Mountain. Touches of autumnal color could be seen at the edges of woods along the Turnpike. The clouds above the mountains – especially the clouds mixed with fog – were gorgeous.

The feline priestesses had been busy in our absence. Astarte cannot be found – she either has a new hiding place or escaped while we were gone.  Little Max was trying to escape when we arrived. We caught her fully elongated, dangling from the screen in the laundry room window.  Fortunately, 1) the window was shut, so that was not a workable plan, and b) the screen was not damaged.  She looked at us in horror as we came in the garage door, unhooked herself, and fled to the kitchen, where she set up a 20 minute meowing session. She was apparently complaining about the food – 3 sets of dishes were set out full of food, and not one of them had been touched. Shadow came to her place of proclamation on the stairway and meowed a full report, apparently complaining not only about the food, but also the behavior of the two younger cats. It is good to be home, even if there were 9 messages on the answering machine (only 2 of which were bizarre).

And now, being home for what I hope is a decent interval, I am looking forward to talking with you some more via posts and email. I have been getting a steady stream of messages about bees – apparently my once a year counting of them on the azaleas has led to continued discussions elsewhere. I appreciate the websites to which I have been referred. I have no claims to being a scientist, but I love to learn, and learning about Gaia and Her ways is dear to my heart.

And so are all of you. Blessed be.


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